Mount NTFS USB Portable Drive in Linux Ubuntu

Log onto console as root and install ntfs-3g so that you can read and write to ntfs using ubuntu without much hassle.

apt-get install ntfs-3g

list drives 1st with your new USB portable drive disconnected,

ls /dev/sd*

list again, with your new USB portable drive connected, and note the new drive entry.

ls /dev/sd*

Whenever I did this in the past, my USB drive always showed as /dev/sda1, but for you it may be different.

Open WinSCP as root in windows and navigate to /etc/ and open fstab. add this line to the end of the file

/dev/sda1 /mnt ntfs-3g users,defaults 0 0

Save it and reboot.

Your USB drive is now visible and usable under the /mnt/ folder.

It also auto mounts upon reboot, and allows read/write access for all users.